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French Last Names Based on Occupations. Boucher - This is a given name is derived from the Old French word "bochier" meaning "butcher." This, evidently, is an occupational name. Cartier - This is an occupational name and of Old English origin, referring to a carter, a transporter of goods. This name is typically a boy's first name..
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THE 10 MOST POPULAR ROYAL GIRL NAMES. Victoria. Meaning: Victory, conquer. Considered an unusual name at the time of her ascension to the throne, it's now hard to imagine a more thoroughly royal girl's name than Victoria—maybe that's why its the most popular royal girl's name. Queen Victoria might have helped this along, however.

People who want to find out which are the most popular royal names ***If you like this article be sure to check out our list of 50 most popular: Scottish names for Boys. Italian Names for Boys. Greek names for Boys. Greek Names for Girls. French Names for Boys. French Names for Girls. Welsh Names for Girls. Russian Names for Boys. So without.
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  • Variations: Adela, Adelė, Adelita. Namesakes: Adele, English singer and songwriter. Adele Gates, daughter of Bill Gates. Popularity: Adele will be remembered as one of the most famous historical French names for girls thanks to its world-class talented ballad singer namesake. Classic, Beautiful, Unique.
  • Jul 30, 2022 · All. Adelaide. Adele. Agnes. Alexandre. Alix. Alphonse. Anne. Antoine.
  • French Royal Baby Names Sat Jul 30 2022 By thesilenceinbetween Share Copy link Names given to children of French kings and dauphins. 1 2 ... 4 All Adelaide Adele Agnes Alexandre Alix Alphonse Anne Antoine Auguste Blanche Bonne Catherine Cecile Charles Charlotte Christine Claude Clementine Clotilde Constance 1 2 ... 4 All
  • Perhaps the best example of royal influence in baby names; after the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge named their first born Charlotte in 2015, this beautiful name became the most popular girls name in the UK. Coming from the French origin meaning 'free man' the name's still lurking around the top 10 list and isn't looking likely to go ...